Monday, November 13, 2006

b l o g b l o g b l o g

I'm having a terrible time focusing on doing my work. I have to write up four questions for English, but I haven't read enough of my book to get them done. So I'm going to use the next half hour to read and turn them in tonight. I also like to spend time blogging instead of homeworking. I am awesome.

I figured out my midterm GPA, and boy am I excited. Right now I have a 3.32. This might not seem that amazing, but considering I barely passed high school and passed 1 out of 3 classes my first semester of college, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm that girl, the one who always had "not working to full potential" on her progress reports. I'm smart, I just didn't care about homework. Now I realize that it's not THAT hard to write 1-2 pages (double spaced) about a book. If you write anything semi-coherent, you will get a check-plus. (Check-plus = good, Check = ok, Check-minus = bad).

I'm thinking of heading up to St. Paul this weekend to visit my friends at the school I used to go to. I have to call them to see if it would work out... But if it does, um... Watch out.

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