Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wednesday wednesday 15!

That subject line makes no sense.

So I got my second legitimate comment today! Yay for NaBloPoMo getting people to actually read the shit I write on here. Thanks for not trolling around and leaving comments about if I'd be interested in seeing you naked or playing on your poker site. Now if you offered to let me watch you play naked poker... We might have a deal.

Today has been one of those days where I can't wait for it to be over. Up since 7, I've been going non-stop to get stuff done so I can relax this weekend. My mind is going a hundred miles an hour about what to bring to Saint Paul, what to make Nate's fam for Christmas, what to wear to the Christmas party thrown by Nate and his roommates, if I'm going to feel like shopping after a night of heavy drinking...

This is what happens when you add coffee to Cate.

I've also been considering what kind of photo project I want to start. I've been really impressed by people who can take a picture every day (Dooce and This Guy) but right now I don't have the resources to do that kind of stuff. My main computer sits alone at my apartment that I haven't visited in three weeks. I miss it. Mmm, iMac. I've taken some fun pictures that I've put on here, but I want to do more. I've seen some great ideas, like taking a picture of everything you eat for a week. MAYBE I could take a picture every time I go to the bathroom! Wouldn't you just love to see that? Ok, ok, maybe not. But I love my camera, just a little bit. I also have the problem of being a weirdo about taking pictures. I don't know how to discreetly take them, and I haven't built up the nerve to just start shooting random people in the street. So I'm going to try to work on that, and hopefully my skills as a photographer grow. So tomorrow I will start taking a picture a day (or TWO! holy shit, can you imagine?!) and putting it on here.

Now that I've fulfilled my obligation to the NaBlo Gods, I am going to conjugate some Spanish verbs. Care to join?

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