Wednesday, November 29, 2006

yikes (part 2)

I'm just going to finish this off...

We went to eat at a great restauraunt in Greenwich (I think) called Blue Smoke. We had ribs and drinks (my first mojito!) and stayed for the jazz show. Then we took the train back to Long Island, and my dad decided we should go to TGI Friday's for a "nightcap." Don't ask.

So everyone had drinks, and we started talking. Pretty sure everyone was sauced a little, but I had been drinking water so I wasn't too bad. We got on the topic of politics and religion.

I have now come to the point in my life where I realize that these subjects and alcohol don't mix.

What started out as an energetic discussion soon turned into a yelling match between my brother and I. In the middle of TGI Friday's. At like 1:30 in the morning. I called him an asshole and told him to shut the fuck up, and people at the surrounding tables moved.

I kept trying to make a point, but I could never finish my sentence because Will would start talking over me. Then I tried to explain why I wasn't going to discuss this with him anymore, because he kept interrupting me. But I couldn't get my whole thought out, because HE KEPT INTERRUPTING ME. I finally got so pissed that I yelled, "YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING JERK!" and stormed out of the restauraunt. I then called Nate crying and tried to explain why I was upset.

Finally my family came out, and they were wondering why I was so upset. I told both my parents to fuck off, and would barely speak to my brother. He was trying to explain something to me, and my dad got out of the car where he and my mom were waiting and started yelling, "I AM GOING TO HAVE THE FIRST CIGARETTE AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS IF YOU DON'T GET IN THE FUCKING CAR! NO, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, GET IN THE CAR!" In the parking lot. Of TGI Friday's. So we got in the car and I couldn't stop crying. Why? Dunno.

The night ended with everyone in the kitchen of the apartment arguing, and finally I just said that I was going to bed and that I didn't want to talk about it anymore. I finally fell asleep, after Nate called and cheered me up a bit.

Yeah, we were THAT family.

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