Friday, March 02, 2007

just insert shit about how i haven't posted in forever here

I am notoriously bad at finishing craft projects that I start (well, with myself at least). For instance, around June or July I started knitting a scarf with wool that I had purchased around 2004. I had bought a couple skeins, and I still have one left, along with another recently purchased one. I am now about to finish it, since I got off of work for BOTH of my jobs.

A day or two ago I was home alone, on my ADD medicine and cleaned my room for three hours. If you know me, you know I usually have the attention span of a gnat, and even less when it comes to cleaning my room. I usually find something interesting (a puzzle book, some crayons, a sparkly) and forget about organizing. But that day I was on a mission. I emptied the two huge plastic tubs that I had been throwing random shit in. I organized (sort of) my magazines. I threw most of my clean clothes in a corner in the closet. But all in all the look of my room has improved.

My boss got me a little page-a-day calendar that displays a work of art by an artist who is trying to be discovered or whatever. One of the first pieces was done by Pee Monster. Yep, PEE MONSTER. Who decides that THAT is a good pseudonym? That'd be like naming yourself Shit Monkey or Butt Doodle. Not something I'd want to be associated with. But whatevs.

I have now grown bored with this post. Goodbye.

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