Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the beginning

This is the first entry into what will hopefully become a wealth of knowledge.

Many kids my age are always saying, "I’m going to raise my kids in this or that fashion." but how does that translate 20 years from now, when we actually HAVE kids? I get the feeling that a lot of information gets lost.

So today, my wisdom to pass onto my children is this: do not get second-degree sunburns four days before you have your school ID taken. Number one, because your face is going to blister and leave freaky half-scabs/half-dead skin flakes. Number two, because you have to meet your advisor and fellow classmates looking like you have leprosy. Number three, because if the sunburn is also blistering on your thighs, you will walk like you have something stuck up your butt.

It seems like common sense. But when you're a nineteen-year-old girl who is hung-over and doesn't much care about applying sunscreen regularly, you make mistakes. It also doesn't help if you don't tan. At all. Ever. And the fact that I had no idea what day of the month it was, or how many days until my transfer registration day, thanks to the lack of a steady job or calendar.

Another bit of wisdom. If you're writing, it helps to make the area you're writing on smaller, because it looks like you've written, and therefore accomplished, more.



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