Thursday, September 14, 2006

a new leaf

That is what I'm turning over. If it means what I think it means.

I've decided to become more dedicated to my blogging. My current school schedule gives me loads of time to do nothing. My classes aren't that hard, I barely do any homework, and I mostly sit on the internet in the computer lab or read a book. Or play sudoku on my palm pilot.

I love college. It's so full of people easy to make fun of. Like the girl in class yesterday who wore pink ugg boots, dark sea foam green cords, a bright aqua sweatshirt, a rainbow knitted scarf and a scarf with flowers on her head. I'm hoping she just closed her eyes and grabbed whatever she felt first, otherwise I might be faced with the complete lack of judgement on how colors should go together. As a former Art major, it's hard for me to not critique anything visual.

The one good thing about having a lot of time is that I am more organized now. I have time to sit down and balance my checkbook. I have time to write out everything I need in my planner. And I have time to write long, rambling blog entries about how I have nothing to do.

My blogging stamina is not too good, so I'm going to go play sudoku or read. I have an hour and a half before my next class. Last night my mom asked if my teacher was retarded after I told her that my teacher thinks George W. Bush is a good speaker. Hilarity will ensue.

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