Thursday, August 24, 2006

work sucks

It's my second day as a receptionist and I have already hung up on the same person twice. I have also lost the information for someone trying to make an appointment, and have no way of contacting them to get it back, since I didn't write down their name.


But hey, at least I am getting paid well ($10/hr). I have also successfully ordered my textbooks for the next semester, except for Spanish class. My college's bookstore won't give me the IBSN numbers for my textbooks so I can't be sure whether or not I'm getting the right ones. Which really pisses me off, because my previous college's bookstore did. They said they couldn't give them out because it would take business away from the bookstore. I can't even go look at the books, it's all private. I told my mom about it and we both agree that it's ridiculous.

Well I feel back blogging while I'm supposed to be training, so that's all.

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