Sunday, October 15, 2006

damn internet

So I tried to post last week, with pictures, and the internet at my apartment is so bad that I couldn't load them up. I swear I am trying to do this on a regular basis, but now that I actually HAVE homework, and I'm working, AND volunteering with some PACs, I don't have a lot of time... Weird, huh?

I volunteered recently with the WI League of Conservation Voters. What I like about them is that they score each representative on how they vote on conservation issues. The environment and education are two things that are important to me, and I would like to work to change. So I went to their office for a couple hours and made some phone calls. I got hung up on twice, which was impressive since I called at least sixty people. It was fun. We made fun of the mean people when they hung up on us, and were happy when we got to talk to people about conservation issues and change some minds.

I've also been slowly working my way through two DIY projects. My dad built me a coffee table that I need to finish painting, and I am also making a shelving unit I found in ReadyMade magazine. I will post some pictures to show you what they look like in the end.

My whole intent with writing this post was to talk about animals and their symbolism, and how messed up it is, but now I have to go do some homework and WORK (boo!), so I'll save it for later.

Peace Out Homies,


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