Tuesday, October 31, 2006

things that bug me

Being asked the same question twice in a row. EXAMPLE: "Cate, do you want beans for dinner?" "No, thanks." "You sure?" "Yep, I'm sure. Because you and I both know that I will not eat beans of any kind thankyouverymuch. But thanks for asking me twice just to make sure I still hate beans."

People who throw things in the sink that are supposed to go in the trash. Like eggshells. Were you going to wash and keep those eggshells?

Soup that isn't super hot.

When Nate walks in front of the TV or tries to hump me while Grey's Anatomy is on. Though I will admit I do the same thing while he's watching Pardon The Interruption.

Those super deep under the skin pimples that you squeeze but never amount to anything except a hideous scab on your face.

When my parents open my mail.

The fact that I spent five years of my life learning about dinosaurs instead of interesting things like American History or any other history other than prehistoric.


When I haven't shaved my legs in a week and wearing pants makes them itch.

The fact that I tried to buy Mighty Girl's book at Barnes and Noble and they DIDN'T HAVE IT.

That if I don't take my ADD medicine I end up writing blogs instead of writing speeches.

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