Saturday, October 28, 2006


Brilliant word, eh? I thought of it myself when I was thinking what to title this post. I'm sure it's been used before, but not around me, so I claim parentage of this word.

I don't understand why someone would NOT wash their hands when they go to the bathroom. It's one thing if you're in your own house and you're in a hurry. But I was in the library bathroom the other day when this girl just pees, flushes, and gets outta there. I was standing at the sink, washing my own hands, and she kinda glances at me then leaves. Weird. I am hoping that she had some instant hand sanitizer in her backpack, or she was on her way to scrub in for surgery so she was going to wash her hands anyway, and not touch anything on the way to the hospital.

I also have a hard time when I'm in the bathroom and someone farts. It's one of those things where you know you SHOULDN'T LAUGH, but you want to anyway. I was recently in northern WI with my boyfriend's family, and we were at this little restaurant by their cottage. His sister and I went to the bathroom, and there were all these crazy ladies who were getting drunk at 2 in the afternoon. While his sister was peeing, the woman in the other stall tooted, and Rachel started giggling. It was one of the hardest things to do, to not giggle along with her.

I'm working right now, my job as a receptionist. One of the people who works here just left, and I'm watching her get into her car out the front windows. She has a baby carrier with a blanket over it, and I swear to God that she didn't have it when she was working in here. Where did she keep it? Locked in her office? The tiny fridge in the break room? Weird.

While working on my Spanish homework today, I translated by blog into Spanish. I was fun to read everything I've written en espaƱol. I also downloaded Firefox onto the company computer because I hate having all those little IE windows open. Now I just cycle through the tabs and it makes my life sooo much easier.

Back to work.

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