Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day

But who cares about that?

Since yesterday's post was lame and short, I will now show you some pictures.

Thanks to HollyRhea, I've been reminded of the awesomeness that IS Perler beads. For those of you who were cool enough, you'll remember these little beads you'd stick on a pegboard then iron to melt them together. Kind of like shrinky dinks, but TEN THOUSAND TIMES BETTER.

Anyway, I've been searching around the Perler website, and they have this deal where if you send in a picture of your project made with Perler beads, they will put it in their gallery and send you something free. I believe that you could send in a picture of two beads stuck together, say it was made by your two year old, and they would post it. Here are some of my favorite amateur projects:

These are the types of things you should be making as a child. They have no color scheme, other than multicolor, and some of them don't even make sense! See Victoria, Age 5.

Then there are the kind of weird ones...

Why a bottle of glue? Why the half-girl, half-skeleton? AND WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THE TELETUBBIES? These are all questions that will go unanswered.

Finally, you have the people who have waaaay too much time on their hands. Example:


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