Sunday, November 19, 2006


Urgh. Last night was not what I expected.

Spent all afternoon at the MOA with Jess. Then Mary and Erin picked us up for dinner at Don Pablo's for a soccer teammate's birthday. Pretty good food. I totally demolished their free chips and salsa. I was so tired from walking around the mall that I just wanted to sit down and maybe nap a little before my quesadilla showed up. But it was a good dinner. Got to meet some other girls from my old school who were funny. Then Mary and Erin dropped Jess and I back at St. Kate's.

We started drinking. I was so full from all the eating I had done that I really didn't feel like drinking. But I took a couple shots and got buzzed. We sat around talking until my old roommate Amy came back. I really wanted to go to Sex World, the world's largest sex shop, while I was here. Since Amy is the only one of us with a car, we figured she'd want to come too. But she didn't, and she drove us to the lightrail station, which was nice.

Sarah, Jess and I stood around for the lightrail for FOREVER. They were being weirdos. But we got down there and eventually found Sex World, after some detours to go to the bathroom. I didn't have my driver's license but the guy let me in anyway. Good thing, because I was planning on making a purchase. We shopped around there for an hour and I got what I came for.

Then we headed to the lightrail station. Unfortunately, that was at 1:30, and the last train leaves at 1:13. We had about four different announcements letting us know, because we still hadn't left the station. It had heat lamps, ok? So we looked around for a cab, and kept trying to call cab companies.

There were so many ugly, drunk people, I was amazed and horrified. The highlight was definitely when we saw a guy carrying his passed out girlfriend on his back, and when they walked past we saw 75% of her ass hanging out. I'll add the picture later. (Of course I took a picture! Wouldn't you?)

Finally some guy riding in a cab by himself let the driver pick us up. He was drunk and looked like he was pushing 30. I was in the front seat talking to the driver about how many people went out with t-shirts and short skirts with no jacket. He hit on my friends incessantly, and told the driver that we would all be getting out at his place. They gracefully declined, and if they hadn't, I would have, albeit not so gracefully. Damnit, I WAS TIRED. I didn't want to deal with a creeper.

We finally made it home to their dorm. I passed the fuck out, but not before texting Nate and thanking him for being an amazing boyfriend, one who isn't ugly or a douchebag.

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