Monday, December 18, 2006

holy crapoly

This isn't the first time that I've discovered not blogging/journaling will lead to long periods of silence. Not that anyone cares what I've been up to. But I like to post my idiotic thoughts for someone else to read.

Like the fact that there might not be anything in the world I hate more than the computer animated robot football player on Fox. I'm forced to watch many football games on Sunday, and when that fucking robot comes on and I see him run in place very quickly then "shake it off," I want to throw my wings at the other people watching football.

I've forgotten how hard it is to be at work for longer than three hours. Both of my jobs are broken up into small, manageable pieces. But now that class is out and the office is moving, I'm going to be working hella for the next couple of weeks. There's one week where I will be in class 9-12 then at work 12:30-7. You probably won't want to talk to me during that week.

Enough for now, I should check some messages.

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