Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It seems that no matter where I go, I can't avoid some sort of drama.

For instance, the weekend of December 9th looked to be a fun one. It was a few days after my birthday, and Nate and his roommates were planning a holiday party. That all looked fine and dandy, until (and I'm not absolutely positive about this) Nate's roommate's girlfriend told Nate's other roommate that, quote "she was nuts and her boyfriend was a moron for putting up with her."


I know may totally sound like something I would say, but I've never actually expressed that sentiment. But who hasn't said that girl is crazy? Who hasn't said ANY girl is crazy? And the fact that said roommate's girlfriend neglected to add that it was HER BOYFRIEND who first uttered the sentiment about other roommate's boyfriend being a saint was a bit shady. I know this may all sound confusing, but I'm trying to maintain some sort of anonymity for those who might read this and want to say something to someone about something.

So other roommate called me out about it and I explained what I had meant about it. She was under a lot of stress about this holiday party (this was a few hours before it happened) and kind of tore into me. Told me I didn't act like an adult, that I wasn't as welcome in the apartment as I thought I was, and that my boyfriend surely puts up with more shit from me than her boyfriend does with her.


I tried to be nice, but I also have my limits. One thing she did recently, that had to do with the whole "not being welcome" thing, was call Nate when I had my Spanish homework out on the table and even though I was five feet away the entire time, she couldn't politely ask me to move my things so she could eat lunch out there. Now, if that isn't acting like an adult, I don't know what is! So I shot back with some comments of my own, and at the time I was really angry about the fact that I had been ambushed. Thanks to so-and-so's girlfriend stirring things up, everyone was on edge. This altercation lead to more altercations between Nate, his roommate and this other girl roommate. She yelled and cried and blamed a lot of things on other people. Which isn't fair, since this entire party was her idea and she didn't ask for help until the last minute.

She's a very petty person, and I feel bad for her about that. When the subject of my being underage was brought up, she said I could only drink if my parents were there. So instead of handing me an invitation already filled out, she handed me a blank one to fill out myself. This doesn't seem overtly rude (especially if you're a guy) but some of you will understand this is a snub. Eek!

I could write and write about all the things she does that piss me off but instead I'm going to go back to work and earn a lot of money and countdown the days until Nate moves out of that apartment.

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