Friday, November 03, 2006

embarassing mos

I was just reading the archives of Heather Armstrong's blog, Dooce. In honor of her 4 year blog anniversary, she posted one of her embarrassing moments, and invited others to do the same. So instead of commenting on a post that's over a year old, I decided to post about my best embarrassing moment.

Last Spring Break, Nate and I went to visit my brother in Seattle. We were down at Pike Place Market, and I had to go #2. So I headed down to the (gross) bathrooms that were a level down.

If you've never been to Pike Place, let me give you some advice: If you don't like other people being able to look at you while you're going to the bathroom, find restrooms other than the public ones. The doors were so short that even I, at 5'3" could see over the tops quite well.

So I'm sitting there, hoping that using the bathroom will make my stomach ache go away. I look up and straight into the eyes of a Mexican man. I ask in a little voice, "This is the men's bathroom, isn't it?" He says, "Yes, es for hombres." So I quickly flush and get the fuck out of there.

Then I go into the women's bathroom, and some dude who is cleaning the bathrooms looks into my stall as he's checking to see if the bathroom is clear. What the heck Seattle? Can't you give me some privacy?

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