Saturday, November 04, 2006

shopping... nnnnrrr

Posting a little later than usual today. Nate's watching the History Channel, something about white supremacists, and I'm reading the internet. I discovered the joys of today, and tagged all the great websites I've found over the last couple of months. Much better than copying and pasting into a draft e-mail.

I went shopping with my mom today, came home and PASSED THE FUCK OUT. I don't really like marathon shopping, something I definitely inherited from my mom. So we hit up a couple of stores and got some new clothes. My faves: the black with white polka dots hoodie from H&M and the red Product(Red) hoodie from Gap. I felt it was worth it to get a piece of clothing that I would wear until it dissolved into bits of fluff AND support people with AIDS in Africa. As much as I find Bono annoying and pretentious, I still support most of his causes. I think it's those glasses. I mean, are you serious?

White supremacists are scary. Very scary. The end.

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